Royal Air Force losses 1940
R.A.F Losses 1940

January -

February -

March -

19/20.03.1940 No.51 Squadron Whitley V N1405 Fl/Lt. Baskerville
Location: Sylt.

April -

May -

10.05.1940 N0. 600 Squadron R.A.F. Blenheim IF L1517 P/O. Haine D.F.C.
Location: Goeree-Overflakee, Netherlands. +

12.05.1940 No.105 Squadron R.A.F. Battle I  K9485  P/O Hurst
Location: Bouillon, Luxembourg. +

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6969 F/LtSkelton
Location: Donge River, Geertruidenberg, The Netherlands.

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6958 P/O. Thomas
Location: Gat van de Kampen, Petrusplaat Island. +

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6960 P/O. Chandler
Gat van het Zuiderklip, Moordplaat, Netherlands. +

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6977 P/O. Greenhous
Location: Gat van het Zuiderklip, Moordplaat, Netherlands. +

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6965 P/O. McLeod
Location: Zevenbergen. +

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6974 P/O. Kay
Location: - Belgium. +

14/15. 05. 1940. No. 44 Squadron R.A.F. Hampden I P4286. F/O Ashfield.
Location: Oosterhout (Noord-Brabant) Holland.

14.05.1940 No. 87 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I L1616 P/O. Javis
Location: Maastricht, Belgium.

14.05.1940 No.1 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I L1676 F/O Lorimer
Location: Near Seadan, France

14.05.1940 No.1 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I P2546 F/O Clisby
Location: Near Seadan, France

14.05.1940 No 226 Squadron R.A.F. Battle I L5438 Fl/Sgt. Dunn
Location: Mont Dieu.

14.05.1940 No 607 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I P2713 P/O. Le Breuilly
Location: Corroy-le-Ch,teau, Belgium.

19.05.1940. 142 Squadron Battle I. P5238 Sgt Ebert.
Location: Nates/Chateau Bougon (Aerodrome).

23.05.1940 No. 92 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire I N3290 F/O Gillies
Location: France. Exact location unknow.

26.05.1940 No.19 Squadron Spitfire I N3200 S/L Stephenson
Location: On beach, Dunkirk, France.

June -

03/04.06.1940 No. 44 Squadron R.A.F. Hampden I P1340 Sgt Spencer
Location: North side of Orwell Estry, near Harwich, England.

04.06.1940 59 Squadron Blenheim IV R3697 P/O. Ashton
Location: R.A.F. Eastchurch, Kent.

06.06.1940 No. 101 Squadron R.A.F. Blenheim IV P4912 P/O. Buller.
Location: 5 miles North of Oxford.

12. 06. 1940. No. 17 O.T.U. Blenheim IV. L9172. Sgt. Bain.
Location: Cwmafan, Wales.

12.06.1940. No. 88 Squadron R.A.F. Battle I L5334 Fl/Lt. Pitfield.
Location: Beaurepaire (Oise) France.

13.06.1940 No.107 Squadron R.A.F Blenheim IV R3616 P/O. Stidston
Location: Cauge, France. +

15.09.1940 No. 1 Squadron. Hurricane I. P3876. F/O Ross Smither.
Location: Tunbridge Kent.

18.06.1940 No. 10 Squadron R.A.A.F Walrus I L2312 Fl/Lt Bell
Location: Ploudaniel Brittany France.

21.06.1940 No 42 Squadron Beaufort I L9810 F/O. Barrie-Smith
Location: North sea – off Bergen Norway.

July -

04.07.1940 No. 206 Squadron Hudson I N7368 P/O. Henderson D.F.C.
Location: Texel, Netherlands.

04.07.1940. No. 222 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire Ia N3294. Sgt. Lewis.
Location: Near Withernsea, Yorkshire.

13.07.1940 No. 218 Squadron Blenheim R3597 F/O. Newton
Location: Harrold, Bedfordshire, England.

13.07.1940. No. 82 Squadron. Blenheim IV R3756. Sgt. D.A. Adams
Location: Wilster, Schleswig-Holstein North of Hamburg.

15.07.1940 No.17 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I P3482 P/O Dawburn
Location: Elsenham, Essex, England.

20.07.1940 No. 44 Squadron. R.A.F. Hampden L4087. Sgt. Farrands
Location: in the sea of Jutland.

23.07.1940 No. 269 Squadron Hudson I P5152 Fl/Lt. Price
Location: Wick, Scotland

August -

08.08.1940 No.65 Squadron RAF Spitfire I K9911 Sgt Kirton
Location: Manston, Kent, England.

13/14.08.1940 No. 44 Squadron R.A.F. Hampden Mk.I P2077 P/O Clark.
Location: Near Valom (North of Uithuizen, province of Groningen) The Netherlands.) (A)

16.08.1940. No. 111 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I R4193 F/Lt Ferriss.
Location: Marden Kent.

17.08.1940. No. 601 Squadron Hurricane I P3358 P/O Fiske.
Location: Tangmere Airfield, West Sussex, England.

27.08.1940. No. 1 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I. P3897. P/O Chetham.
Location: In small wood (Monkton Fir Plantation) at Speen, Buckinghamshire.

30.08.1940 No.151 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I R4213 Sgt Gmur
Location: Jacks Hatch, Epping Green, Essex.

September -

06.09.1940 No.234 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire I X4035 P/O Gordon
location: Howbourne Farm, Hadlow Down, Sussex, England.

15.09.1940 No. 1 Squadron. Hurricane I. P3876. F/O Rodd Smither. Location: Tunbridge Kent.

October -

07.10.1940. No.602 Squadron RAF Spitfire I X4160 Sgt. Whall
Location: Near Court Farm, Lullington near Alfriston, Sussex, England.

08.10.1940. No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I N1627. P/O Goodall.
Location: Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

11.10.1940 No. 10 O.T.U. Whitley Mk V. N1526. F/L Riepenhausen
Location: Near R.A.F. Akeman Street, Relief Landing Ground Oxfordshire

12.10.1940. No.92 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire I. X4591 F/O Pattinson.
Location: Bartholomews Wood, Postling Wents, near Hawkinge, Kent.

22.10.1940. No. 74 Squadron RAF Spitfire IIa P7431 F/O St.John
Location: South Nutfield, Surrey, England.

November -

08.11.1940 No. 54 Sqdn. Spitfire I X4423 Sgt N. R. Miller
Location: Street House Farm, Leeming Bar, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England.

December -