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Our Chairman David King retracing steps of a war time funeral relating to two 12 O.T.U. casualties in this
then and now comparison. Both airmen would later be buried at Banbury Cemetery Oxfordshire.

Welcome to the Aircrew Remembrance Society site of remembrance.
This site has been constructed with over five decades of researched material, which is produced here in numerous categories covering many relating aviation subjects.These categories are listed in various named sections searchable by using the top menu.

The societies Diary fully explains our work over five decades and is a useful introduction to all the societies work. This work is listed in numerous other searchable categories and the Diary itself is a live and ongoing work in progress. It is currently being reproduced in five sections relating to the societies development. Throughout the societies development the construction of three different websites have been undertaken by necessity. This site began construction in 2018 to accommodate much of the societies previously unrecorded work. This work is now being reproduced in a totally new format, therefor all categories are receiving new additions on a regular basis, relating to work undertaken as far back as the 1970s to the present day.

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(ARMS) Aircrew Remembrance Memorials Society

In order to further our previous work regarding the construction of memorials, and incorporating the preservation of the Finmere control tower we have now decided that this new memorials society should be a charity, in order for us to raise suitable funds to pursue these aims. The society has therefor now registered with HMRC as a charity. The necessary steps to achieve this has now been taken and we have been allocated an acceptance number (061000065582) as notification by the government. We are now therefor recognised as a charity by the government, however to save the tower will be a costly exercise and we therefor envisage considerable cost to be incurred which could be resolved by obtaining grants from various bodies. In order to be eligible for such grants we will need to be registered with the Charities Commission, for an unregistered charity to achieve this we will need to raise £5000 before being accepted as a potential benefactor.

Therefor Please Join Us Today!

In doing so you will be supporting our current project for a permanent memorial at Finmere Airfield Buckinghamshire, which includes our campaign to save the airfield control tower from destruction, while also incorporating it as a symbolic part of a memorial. This memorial will be dedicated not only to a number of airmen killed on the airfield itself, but also to over 8,000 largely forgotten Airmen and women who were killed during training in the UK.

We need people who can support this project from many different fields. Perhaps you have a particular talent, expertise, knowledge or some trade in the countless fields that we will require as ARMS continues to grow.

We Will Remember Them!