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Our Chairman David King retracing steps of a war time funeral relating to two 12 O.T.U. casualties in this
then and now comparison. Both airmen would later be buried at Banbury Cemetery Oxfordshire.

Due to the continued expansion of our remembrance activities, the Aircrew Remembrance Society is currently in the process of building this new website, Aircrew Remembrance Society 3.com, this is in order to accommodate further expansion, which will also incorporate our latest project to save the Finmere Watch Tower. We thank you for your previous support of our site and hope you will also support our new hands on memorial venture. Further details regarding this project can be viewed on our Facebook page (Save Finmere Watch Tower) Support is most welcome from anyone wishing to help us save this tower, and we would appreciate if anyone offering support could sign our Tower petition Here. Thank you in advance for your support with this project, our intentions are to turn the tower into a living memorial to all those airman killed during training in Buckingham and surrounding counties , also incorporating a memorial garden, local history museum and learning centre for the county.

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Previous archived material still available at www.aircrewremembrancesociety.co.uk

David King - Chairman and Historian. (Archivist Allied Section)
Alexander D King - Webmaster and Historian. (Society Collection Archivist)
Melvin R Brownless - Vice Chairman and Historian. (Archivist Luftwaffe Section)

This page has been setup for any supporters wishing to be directly involved with the towers preservation. There are many posts to be filled in administration, fund raising, hands on activities and numerous other important roles to assist in its progress. If you feel you could fill any of the positions listed or others that you think could be a valid contribution to this project please get in touch -

Email - finmeretowermemorial@yahoo.com

Facebook page -
Save Finmere Watch Tower

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