Memorial to fallen German Aircrew

26th September 2015

New Aircrew Remembrance Society Memorial to fallen German Aircrew.

Crash Site Attended by pilots Daughter and Grandson.

On a quiet Scottish hillside Irmtrud Hiestermann stood in wonder at the site before her, with her son Henning at her side at last she could stand at the place where the father she had never known, had tragically lost his life so many years ago.

At the time of her father Paul Rogge’s death, Irmtrud was just six months old.  Personal items found at the crash site at this time, included a treasured photo of Irmtrud that Paul had carried with him, returned to the family by the Red Cross, this tragic artefact the only remaining token of her father’s love she would ever know.

Memorial Service for Luftwaffe crew and missing man.

A most moving memorial service for the crew was conducted by the Reverend Julie Woods. Julie’s presentation and thoughtfulness on the day, with prepared copies of her program, along with German translations for the family, truly encapsulated all our emotions on a most tearful day that all who attended will never forget, along with our introduction to the Scottish word ‘Greetin’.

More photos and service sermon, Here

Memorial Service Video.

The Quest for a grave for missing man Werner Walter

Although three of the crew were recovered at the time of the crash, a fourth member Werner Walter, still remains missing to this day. Following a request from relatives for further information relating to Werner and the location of his aircrafts crash site, for that last year intensive research has been undertaken, led by our Luftwaffe researcher and Historian, Melvin R Brownless. A wealth of material has now been uncovered and along with the kind support of the land owner, Lord Haddington, and a written request Werner Walter’s surviving relatives, the society will be making an application for a licence under the Protection of Military Remains Act, in the hope that Werner’s remains can be found and indeed protected, and reunited with his comrades at Cannock Chase. During our visit a survey of the site was undertaken and many readings were registered and logged, thanks to the support of Lord Haddington and his estate manager

Emotional Visit to Fogo Church

Later in the day we were able to take Irmtrud and Henning to Fogo churchyard where Paul and two of his crew had first been buried (Later re interned at Cannock Chase) This was another very moving occasion for Irmtrud and Henning, as treasured photos they possessed of Paul’s first burial place, close to the shelter at the church entrance, appeared frozen in time