RAF Elsham Wolds

RAF Elsham Wolds

Photos kindly supplied by Graeme Lister, taken in 2007

The airfield was established as early as December 1916 and used by No. 33 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps. Operating F.E.2 and later Avro 504 and Bristol F.2 Fighter biplanes, the small aircraft shed and wooden huts that were erected on site were demolished by 1919 and the airfield returned to agricultural land.

With the Second World war on the horizon, extra airfields were needed to accommodate the expansion of the R.A.F. Former First World war airfields were surveyed, and an area to the west of the original first World War Airfield at Elsham was deemed to be better suited.

Work began on the airfield between 1939-40, airfield opened with the arrival of 103 Squadron in July 1941.
103 Squadron is credited with more operational sorties than any other 1 Group squadron, consequently suffering the groups highest losses. 248 Bombers lost on operations flying from Elsham Wolds.

Post War the airfield closed in 1947 and was then used to temporarily house workers at Scunthorpe Steelworks.

Please see last image for the large radio and telephone mast now erected at the west end of the main runway, during the 1960s this tower was used to relay radar from R.A.F. Station Patrington and R.A.F. Station Staxton to R.A.F. Lindholme.