Aircraft Preservation and Restoration

Aircraft Preservation and Restoration. (The preservation of complete airframes, Historical aircraft parts and component preservation, and support in preservation projects.

14th February 2021

Blackburn Buccaneer XN979 Cockpit

This was the response from young Marcus, head of the Blackburn Buccaneer XN979 Cockpit Restoration Project published on his Facebook page.

Another exciting arrival this week was a box containing these.

Marcus was very surprised and thrilled by the surprise donation of 4 useful hydraulic pressure gauges. The central one we purchased is from XV353 so after we've replaced the glass it'll be good to reunite it into his Buccaneer cockpit. A grateful thanks to Alex, Marcus looks forward to showing you the cockpit when you visit.

Donated by World War 2 Relic Hangar (proud sponsor of the Aircrew Remembrance Society)
— feeling happy.

I am always happy to assist anyone I can in support of an aircraft restoration project. Aircraft preservation is an important link to remembrance. The preservation list of the societies support in this field continues to grow and I am happy to follow in my fathers foot steps in the preservation field.

5th October 2018.

The Societies long history of support in the role of aircraft preservation and restoration for the last five decades continues with this instrument donation by our webmaster, Alexander King for this flying Hurricane rebuild, V7497.

28th March 2018

Donation of part from Spitfire P9469 donated to The Hornchurch Aerodrome Historical Society.

16th November 2017

Auster Aircraft Radio rack donated to Craig Sampson of Antique Aircraft Org

2nd July 2015.

F-86 Sabre and B-29 "Over Exposed" Items for Coalhouse Fort display prior to collection.

February 1985

de Havilland Vampire NF10 WP250

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Westland Whirlwing XM665

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9th August 1983

New tyres for Confederate Air Force Spitfire MK297. (Aircraft Preservation)

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English Electric Canberra B.2, WG789

Douglas Invader B-26K, 417657 - N99218

Douglas C-47A 42-100611 (6W-SAF)

Hawker Hunter T-7 ET-271

North American AT-6 Harvard KF435

Gloster Javelin XA571