04.03.1944 338th FS 55th Fighter Group U.S.A.A.F. P-38J 42-67279 Lt. Bone Location: Anstey, Hertfordshire, England.
 Mission: Fighter bomber.

Date: 4th March 1944

Time: 11.48 hours.

Unit: 338th Fighter Squadron 55th Fighter Group U.S.A.A.F.

Type: Lockheed P-38J

Serial No: 42-67279

Coded: (not known)

Location: Anstey, Hertfordshire, England.

Pilot: Lt. Howard J. Bone 0-746031 – Killed.


Statement of 1st Lt. F. R. Smith, Flying Control Officer at Nuthampstead;

Lt. Underwood, Airdrome Officer, and I were standing at the south window of the control room watching two P-38 aircraft making an approach to land. Both the aircraft entered the circuit normally and were proceeding in a normal pattern for landing. The first aircraft was on landing approach, and the second aircraft was on the base leg when it was noticed that the second aircraft dropped two objects. Lt. Underwood remarked that the oblects were probably his belly tanks. Shortly thereafter the subject aircraft was seen to make a gentle turn to the left as if he were turning in on his landing approach. He was at that time, at an estimated 1000 feet.

Meanwhile the first aircraft was levelling off for his landing – Instead of straightening out for the approach to the runway, the second aircraft continued in a turn, the turn became steeper, and the nose of the aircraft inclined toward a vertical position. After about one and one half turns the aircraft was in practically a vertical position having nose earthward. It disappeared behind a row of trees to the south approximately 2 miles from base still heading straight down and apparently turning to the left. A few seconds later black billowy smoke cloud rose at the spot where the aircraft disappeared.

2Lt. Howard J Bone (Littlefield)
2/Lt. Howard J. Bone (Littlefield)

19th November 1943 - Assigned to the 338th Fighter Squadron.

28th January 1944 - Awarded the Air Medal.

23rd February 1944 - Awarded Oak Leaf Cluster to Air Medal.

44-03-04 42-67279 P-38J Photo 01
Pictured shortly after the devastating crash at Anstey (All images Fold 3)

44-03-04 42-67279 P-38J Photo 02

44-03-04 42-67279 P-38J Photo 03

44-03-04 42-67279 P-38J Photo 04

44-03-04 42-67279 P-38J Photo 05

Lt. Bone was buried at Cambridge American Military Cemetery, Cambridge, England, on 7th March 1944.Group Chaplain Bill Byrd, performed a Methodist ceremony, as Lt. Bone was a member of the Methodist church. Fourteen fellow 338th officers were the honour escort, with four of them acting as pall bearers. Lt. Bone's first cousin, Harold Bone, being in the European Theater of Operations, also attended the funeral service.

Madingley American Cemetery (davepphotographer)

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless and David King, with special thanks to Fold 3,
davepphotographer and Littlefield. Updated August 2014.

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