24.06.1941 No.611 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire V R7349 F/Lt Buys (Buijs) Location: Northern France.
Mission: Circus 21 – France.

Date: 24
th June 1941

Unit: No.611 Squadron R.A.F.

Type: Spitfire V

Serial No.R7349

Code: FY - A

Location: France.

Pilot: F/Lt. Theodorus Franciscus Andre Buys. (Dutch) – Killed.
Born. 07.12.1913 in The Hague, Netherlands.


F/Lt Buys was one of the ten victims claimed by Stab, II and III./JG2.
So far no trace of location can be found for this loss.

(1) 1941SqnPilotsbySpitwithBuys
1941 - Squadron pilots at Hornchurch with trophy Luftwaffe cross from Dornier 215 shot down over North Wales

(L-R) Top row: P/O Gardner; F/Lt Buys; Sgt Leigh; Sgt Townsend; F/Lt Brunier; Sgt Gilmour; F/O Williams; F/O Salmon; P/O Lamb; Sgt Burnham.
Bottom: S/L Stapleton; P/O Reeve, Sgt 'Mushroom' Smith.

The wreckage of F/Lt Buy’s Spitfire soon erupts into an inferno shortly after the crash.
It is clear to see that the Germans managed to free his body before fire took hold. Note no fire damage to the parachute (via Jeckel).





(7) 24.06.41 No.611 Sqdn Spitfire R7349

(8) Militaire gedenkplaat 2 op het Nederlands ereveld Orry-la-Ville
Commemorated on plaque at Orry-la-Ville (net)

Burial detail: None found.
Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, with special thanks to Bertrand H, Stig and Horst Jeckel not forgetting 611 Squadron Collection.for their help in constructing this page of remembrance. January 2014.

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