17.05.1941 71 Squadron Hurricane II. Z3186 P/O Kolendorski. Location: English Channel.
Mission: Channel Patrol Interception.

Date: 17th May 1941.

Unit: 71 Squadron R.A.F. “Eagle Squadron” (U.S.A.)

Type: Hurricane II.

Serial No. Z3186.

Coded: XR-

Location: English Channel.

Pilot: Pilot Officer ‘Mike’ Kolendorski R.A.F.V.R.


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Californian Pole Pilot Officer ‘Mike’ Kolendorski was the first American Volunteer ‘Eagle’ killed in action. He was shot down off Clacton, 1810 hrs. 17th May 194l, by Bf 1O9Es from JG 53 after breaking away from his formation during 71 Squadron’s first Channel patrol. First reported missing on this date his body was later washed ashore in the Netherlands.

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Posing for the camera in his suitably customized Sidcot suit several weeks before his demise, Kolendorski is adjusting the straps for his parachute harness in front of one of the first Hurricanes adorned with an ‘Eagle’ squadron emblem.

Burial Details:

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F/O Stanley Michel ‘Mike’ Kolendorski 84875. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Rockanje (Zeeweg) General Cemetery, Netherlands. Plot 2. Joint grave 33.

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