Finmere Memorial and Control Tower Preservation.

Finmere Memorial and Control Tower Preservation.

20th November 2020

Email sent to Andy at Lone Star Land.
(As to this date 9th January 2021 no reply)

Hi Andy, As you will see from our last correspondence, it is over a year since I last wrote to you regarding our interest in saving the tower at Finmere airfield. We have watched with interest the development and concept plans, including the most recent regarding the proposed garage and coffee shop.

Like those preceding it the latest appears not to include the tower area, only to see its general location lost among boundary trees and such like.

This being the case I wonder if you would be kind enough to inform me of any of the appropriate.

(1)    Has any consideration regarding the preservation of this historic tower now been taking into account? And if so can you please inform us of these considerations?

(2)    As the tower appears to have been located on the fringe and boundary of development plans, would it be possible to purchase independently the tower and a surrounding area of land? To enable us to secure its preservation?

(3)    If so should we again approach the land owner? this time with a letter of intent, as current developments give us great concern to the wellbeing of this historic building?
Thank-you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

David King, Chairman Aircrew Remembrance Society

20th October 2020

Finmere planning application for the construction of roadside services (Garage and Coffee shop) This has been submitted to Buckinghamshire Council (Aylesbury Vale) Interesting to note that the tower location falls well outside these construction plans on the extreme southern boarder.

8th September 2020

Updated Finmere airfield development concept plan.

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6th June 2020

ARMS has now discovered Lone Star Land Ltd details of the proposed Finmere Airfield Concept.

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11th March 2020

All tower and memorial related activity undertaken by the Aircrew Remembrance Society ceased on this date 11th March 2020. Following this hand over all further work now continues through the ARMS Charity

ARMS charity bank account opened.

ARMS Charity Established.

The Aircrew Remembrance Society has offered assistance and sponsorship to this newly formed charity.

This will include sponsorship for the ARMS Charity website to be incorporated on the Aircrew Remembrance Society3 website.

It will also provide all previous records established in relation to the tower memorial project, along with all relative contact details in relation to land owner and site developers.

Previous work for the Towers preservation prior to the foundation of ARMS

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